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And we should bring to the table our creativity, our emotional intelligence, and our ability to cope with new and unplanned situations."Walsh sees this happening already.

"Computers are helping mathematicians explore new areas of maths, finding patterns that we humans can then prove," said Walsh.

So Joe Jones, founder of Harvest Automation (and original Roomba inventor), told Tech Republic that human-robot collaboration "makes designing the robot easier.""The model for industrial robots has been that they are big and dangerous and must be kept behind a fence, away from people," said Jones. But, people and robots have different strengths—if the robot must do the whole job itself, it may have to perform functions that robots aren't especially good at." SEE: Research: 63% say business will benefit from AIOne primary place for robots, warehouses, is "rather challenging," said Jones.For example, one problem is picking non-rigid objects through a hole cut in a cardboard box.QT9 ERP offers functionality to automate small to midsized manufacturing operations.The system utilizes dashboard grids to pull all available data into one place."One good solution to this problem might be to let people identify and manipulate, and have the robot drive around the warehouse carrying totes and consolidating the items picked for each order," said Jones.

"We implemented this example when Harvest became interested in warehouse robots, and it seems to have a lot of merit."Steve Palomino, director of financial transformation at Redwood Software, which provides enterprise robotic process automation, sees the potential for a lot of new jobs in finance."Right now, I have to look at your checking account, and compare it to your Quick Books account and your Excel spreadsheet, and make sure they're equal." SEE: How will AI impact jobs?High-powered panel tackles the big question For a machine, it's a much easier task.Originally designed as an accounting system, Net Suite has gradually grown into a full-suite ERP with CRM, HR and business intelligence functionality.A leader in Cloud ERP, Net Suite currently supports more than 20,000 companies.Additional EDI and e-commerce functionality is available from Exact.