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This document provides a list of configuration items available in mail.php, allowing you to modify them as necessary.

First let me say that there is a several ways to doing things on SL.

The used cache store can be changed to other available stores, including Memcached

By default, Support Pal uses file-based storage in the storage/ directory.

My feelings are this: no you don't need to, but SL 3.3 makes it a piece of cake to world update.

Pre 3.3 I don't recommend, as you will be forever swamped with recompiling.

Yes I know I can remove software at this time that I will never use and save time when I recompile the system, but this is my unofficial stable system and I know it will work cause I have done it several times.

So with that being said I want to now recompile just the system.Well I head to the /etc/file and edit that thing to my liking and double checking things over. You can edit the file by doing and when the box pops up, enter your password, wait a bit and a new window will come up.In that window you are root to everything and can edit anything. If you need help figuring out what options are available in the then refer to the Gentoo Handbook and Wiki often.You should probably read the other articles below first to better understand things.First thing - I alway buy my hardware that I know is linux supported and has good drivers.In some cases, the storage location can be changed to another directory or a specialist system such as Amazon S3, or Memcached.