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Chino & Nacho were signed to Don Omar's label, All Star Records.

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Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is working on new music and that will include new collaborations, including one with Nacho of popular Latin music duo Chino y Nacho.

On June 8, Nacho shared a black and white video on his Instagram account revealing that he was working on new music with a Latina superstar.

The singer didn't name Lopez right away and took the time to praise her, calling her a Queen.

He then explained that it was an honor to be able to be in the studio writing and recording with her.

Seguro sabías Lo que a los dos nos iba a pasar [Chino] Esta es mi forma de decirte hoy Que donde tú me digas voy [Nacho] Me caes bien, se que yo a tí también ¿Por qué no nos besamos Y vemos cómo vamos?

[Chino] Puedo esperar, si lo quieres pensar Si quieres, mientras tanto Me voy enamorando [Coro] Me voy enamorando (uohhhh uohhhh) Me voy enamorando (uohhhh uohhhh) (x2) [Nacho] Si quieres te llevo al cine o al cielo Es igual.

You can even attend a history lesson on salsa’s steps, with tunes dating back to 1912.

Remaining cabins start at 5 per person for two people.

The group fought for having more publicity than other Venezuelan groups like 3 Dueños and others, and Calle Ciega had the most airplay.

The group had musical genres, though most reggaeton, and liked to mix salsa and merengue with reggaeton.

“After winning the Grammy, we’re more relaxed and now we’re going to do what we love, which is music and leaving our soul and heart onstage,” Chino told Venezuela’s newspaper the morning after their win.