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Yes, I know there is MTGO, but, I don't feel like spending money to re-acquire cards that I already own. Good idea, or too much risk of running across a sad old man who only wants to drop his pants on camera when he's down to 10 life?(I really pray I am making that up) Yes, playing with friends is superior.that never went anywhere, mostly due to lack of interest from others, but it is certainly plausible. nothing as fancy as building my own rig to get the right angle.

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If you want multiplayer magic instead of just a duel, use a Google Hangout or something like (if that even still exists....

it did as of a couple of years ago), otherwise something like Skype would work just fine.

Mechanics that allow you to search your opponent's library, like Jester's Cap, probably need to be banned during such games.

This is especially true if the opponent is not supposed to know what cards are removed.

I would really recommend the top-down camera angle if at all possible.

Machines with built-in webcams just won't have the right angle to see enough cards (and if you position it so that it will, you won't be able to see the opposition).

Heck, you could probably put a playgroup together that spanned half the globe, which would be the plus.

The minus, as stated, would be the creepy old man who wanted to drop his drawers.

This would be better than MTGO, because you still get the tete a tete moments, and the conversation. nothing as fancy as building my own rig to get the right angle.

just used skype to play my buddy who joined the military and is stationed overseas.

I was just thinking of alternative ways to play the game.