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Your location is not a factor of which you have much control.Size and choice of materials, along with extras like lighting and automated controls however, are factors that can drastically impact your budget.So the sales claim that it “never needs to be refinished”, doesn’t hold water. Should a fiberglass pool need to be drained, special attention and care must be taken to avoid damage. , often referred to as “Gunite” or “Shotcrete” are a pool owners most customizable option.

The price point for these types of pools, within our market here in North Carolina, starts at ,000 and is as unlimited as your dreams.From small to large the design options are endless.Expect to replace the liner every 5 – 7 years (based on my personal experience). When our company was introduced to the one piece fiberglass market over 20 years ago, we thought we now had the perfect mix.Price point wise these pools filled the gap between in-ground vinyl liner and custom concrete pools – at least as far as price point goes.Keith Lombardo is a board member of the Master Pools Guild, award winning swimming pool builder and second generation swimming pool business owner.

But as introverts, we sometimes feel misunderstood.Factor #1 Selecting Your Type of Pool There are three types of in-ground pools in widespread use: vinyl-lined pools, fiberglass shell pools and concrete (gunite) or (shotcrete) pools. Over the past 30 years I have built all three types.I will give you a brief description of the other categories as fair and balanced as I can. The walls may be of varying grades of coated steel or plastic composite.All protrusions are done with a gasket and compression type fitting along with an adhesive sealant, similar to vinyl liner pools.It has been my personal experience that these seals/gaskets do go bad and will need attention years down the road.Shotcrete pools can be accessorized with lighting, fountains, grottos, waterfalls, diving rocks, attached spas, structural retainer walls, automatic controls, automatic covers, the list goes on and on.