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Factor #1 Selecting Your Type of Pool There are three types of in-ground pools in widespread use: vinyl-lined pools, fiberglass shell pools and concrete (gunite) or (shotcrete) pools. Over the past 30 years I have built all three types.I will give you a brief description of the other categories as fair and balanced as I can. The walls may be of varying grades of coated steel or plastic composite.Your location is not a factor of which you have much control.

A local, swimming pool professional is equipped with the experience and the expertise to help you navigate this process successfully ensuring that you reach that backyard paradise with both your dreams and your budget intact.This article contributed by Keith Lombardo, President, Lombardo Swimming Pools, headquartered in the Charlotte, NC area.We recommend these pools for people that dream for the pool that has never been built.This homeowner plans to be in their home for at least 10 years.You are undoubtedly aware that construction costs vary across the country.

Another contributing factor to the cost of your swimming pool is the location of your house on your property.

An in-ground pool must be excavated, and types of soil, the water table, and property access can impact construction costs.

There are also permitting elements that will come into play.

The price point for these types of pools, within our market here in North Carolina, starts at ,000 and is as unlimited as your dreams.

From small to large the design options are endless.

For example, your current “wish list” may include an outdoor kitchen adjacent to the pool area but your budget may require that plan be implemented next season.