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Retweeted by VT Football: Bijan Peters @Ah Bij Bij Bij - @Coach SBeamer As you prepare for football season, any predictions on who will win the futbol tournament that starts today? VT Football - Hopefully we say RB at the end of the year. TE and DB will be really strong positions for us Retweeted by VT Football: Coastal Hokie @Coastal Hokie - @VT_Football 1. #Ask Coach Shane VT Football - Im not sure about either one.#Ask Coach Shane VT Football - Have to pull for the USA but hard to pick against Brazil. Sorry—SB Retweeted by VT Football: Brittany Minahan @Brittany Minahan - @VT_Football @Coach SBeamer Do you think this season will be a “ stand out season” for VT? Have a hungry group of players and coaches that can’t wait to get started Retweeted by VT Football: Miles Johnson @HOKIE411 - @VT_Football How do you decide on a depth chart with all the talent we have at running back ? VT Football - We’ll evaluate them all in practice when we start in Aug. Would like to settle on 1 Retweeted by VT Football: Joe Adgate @Hokie Joe5 - @Coach SBeamer How much has Marshawn Williams progressed this offseason and will he have a shot at the starting role? Will VT have any new Nike uniforms or helmets this fall? Thats definitely a #Ask Whit which will be next month i believe Retweeted by VT Football: Trevor @Trevor SGreene - @VT_Football @Coach SBeamer With running backs like Trey and Marshawn do you plan to continue recruiting workhorse backs?


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Keep up the good work - the figures speak for themselves.

Has to catch the punt before he can return it Retweeted by VT Football: Joe @hokiejoe3 - #Ask Coach Shane what factors do you weigh when deciding RB rotation? Any idea how playing time is going to shake out between the guys? E-mailing, twitter, writing letters, calling on phone.

VT Football - Durability, pass protection ability, being dependable and whoever gets hot and is making plays Retweeted by VT Football: Matt Johnson @mattj4vt - Who is a lesser-known guy from the defensive side of the ball that you can’t wait to see unleashed on other teams this year? #Ask Coach Shane VT Football - We want to get them all work in every game. #Ask Stiney Retweeted by VT Football: Sam Oxley @Hokiesambo - @Coach SBeamer favorite restaurant in Charleston SC? Retweeted by VT Football: Matthew @hokiesmash - @VT_Football @Coach SBeamer Where do your rate the QB depth chart right now? #Ask Coach Shane VT Football - Hard to evaluate now since we can’t work with them in the summer. It will go into August Retweeted by VT Football: Kyle @Ky Ie5k - @Coach SBeamer How do you prepare mentally to take on Ohio State, Week 2, with a new quarterback?

#Ask Coach Shane VT Football - It will be a great atmosphere against a great opponent. William and Mary 1st though Retweeted by VT Football: David Jordan @dmjvpi - #Ask Coach Shane what’s your favorite golf course in the Roanoke area, besides Ballyhack #Hokies VT Football - Haven’t played many in the Roanoke area actually. Retweeted by VT Football: Clark Ruhland @Hokie20 - @coachsbeamer What you planning to hang on the wall next to the window there in your office?

#Ask Coach Shane VT Football - Some major hardware going up!

#Ask Coach Shane VT Football - We want to compete against the best any chance we get.

Summer prep is more exciting Retweeted by VT Football: Chris @SCollege Sports - #Ask Coach Shane NFL teams rushed 42% of the time in 2013 using their rb’s in different roles... VT Football - They each bring something different to the table in regards to running, catching , and pass protection Retweeted by VT Football: Jordy Harris @J_Harris03 - @VT_Football #Ask Coach Shane what’re some Game Day rituals you have on Saturdays? Spend time with recruits if its a home game Retweeted by VT Football: Cameron @camfantasy - @VT_Football #Ask Coach Shane how is Shai’s knee doing? Excited for the future with he & Williams VT Football - Doing well. Im excited about them both also Retweeted by VT Football: Lowell Shelton @AIRSHELTON - @VT_Football what chances do new players like Marshawn Williams and Andrew Motley have to start?

Yes, in a number of ocasions I also worked with nude or partially nude models, and even tough I was pursuing artistic vision and trying to concentrate on the lighting and the pose, and the angles, I still felt like I had the best job in the world, even though I seldomly an involved in those kinds of photo shoots.

Imagine a guy that does that completely for a living.

#askcoachshane VT Football - They’re competing like everyone else. Coach Loeffler & the staff coming up w ideas everyday Retweeted by VT Football: Managers On AMission @Mngrs On AMission - @VT_Football @Coach SBeamer who is your go-to place is for maximizing the impact and value of your used/excess vt apparel? Managers on a Mission Retweeted by VT Football: Chris @cmess88 - @VT_Football #Ask Coach Shane who’s the most talented player you’ve been around, as a player or a coach?