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01p: Cameron Diaz / Jimmy Eat World M-TV Spring Break Molly Simms..... Welcome to MTV's All-Request Spring Break Jams 2002! [ beach ball hits her in the head ] Okay, let's get this party started! I'm majoring in Hotel Management, with a minor in Communications! Ranata: I would like to hear Shania Twain's "That Don't Impress Me Much"! It only took a few attempts for me to realized I needed back up. I hope we have no repeat performances of that debacle.Another phone call I am sure my sister never thought she’d get! And a single cup of the thick concoction of milk, cream, sugar and egg yolks can pack in the sugar equivalent of nearly 15 packets, and more saturated fat than a Big Mac.

So, if in spite of the jaw-dropping numbers, eggnog still falls into your “splurge-worthy” category, just make sure to keep your portions in check.Some brands cram as many as 440 calories into an 8-ounce cup, making even those of us who love eggnog think twice before sipping.To put that into perspective, three glasses of wine, eight Oreo cookies, 17 silver bells (Hershey’s Kisses), or a 10-ounce filet contain the same number of calories. From all of us out here in Cancun and Big Audio, happy Spring Break. Her bubbly personality makes you feel completely at ease. [ song plays ] Molly Simms: God, what is with you people?! I'm gonna kick that beach ball in your face, y'all! [ title card superimposes onto screen ] [ camera zooms away from set, as Lorne Michaels approachs Cameron Diaz ] [ camera pans across the studio to reveal Seth Meyers prancing about with a violin.