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(At one point, I actually stayed up until am watching 3 episodes straight hahaha XD) although the drama left some of my questions unanswered, I still loved the drama a lot. For those that are hating on the drama, in my opinion, I feel like they are too focused on having the drama be "exactly" like the book.

I honestly never read the manhwa so my expectation of the drama must not be bigger than the fans but still.... All in all, I can't understand why she became the bride when she was just a servant. I first started to listen to the song and I already in love with it.Until yesterday, I just finish watching the drama straight 3 days (ofcourse exclude time to sleep, eat, work). To point out, first of all, I'm not a kdrama addict.i have so many sad and little good things to say on this drama.i really liked the title which made the drama interesting because the title reminded me of kamisama (for anime lovers) but it actually didn't met my expectations.And so a, I hate the part when shes crying or what( in the bridge when bi ryeom puts him in danger), it feels like shes not crying but instead moaning lol. ❤ I really liked this drama I know some People would dissagree with me however I think the bad ratings are the director's fault the actors really did a good job.

I hope I can see Nam Joo Hyuk acting somewhere else.

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but no we got some sappy ,wilted plot with zero action ..... In my opinion, the main characters need more explanation on their connection to build that chemistry? I love her and NMJ but this drama is not exciting at all!

Krystal and Gong Myung at least saved the drama their chemistry was off the chain.... I wanted to see him take her to water kingdom make it rain or something but no........ Wtf im still in ep 10 im waiting for that cute connection between the second leads. It took me a couple of weeks to watch the last two episodes.

the water god was not portrayed justifiably in terms of his powers.