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Instead she’d rather hear the words 'television hit’.

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'I felt as if people would say, “She was supposed to be good on that show, what happened to her?”’ Cox was the only one of the Friends leads never to be nominated for an Emmy – something that perhaps contributed to her lack of confidence.Enfin, Brian Van Holt s'entend à merveille avec Coco, la fille de l'actrice âgée de 9 ans.Et on sait à quel point la famille est quelque chose d'important aux yeux de Courteney Cox.At 47, she’s embarking on a new career, as a director. 'If I thought producing a 21-minute sitcom like Cougar Town was stressful, it’s peanuts compared to this.’ After a decade in Friends, earning a million dollars per episode for the last two series, she surely can’t need to work. 'I don’t know what else I’d do with myself otherwise.’ She laughs, adding that she’d probably be opening the wine bottle at lunchtime instead of dinner. I’m just starting to watch it again because my daughter likes to watch it, and I’m looking at it and thinking, “That’s just hysterical.” It was such a great show. She watched her co-stars progress to film roles but was nervous to follow suit.

Her latest project is a television film called Tall Hot Blonde, a true story about an internet romance that led to murder, for which pre-production began today – hence the flurried phone call. It would be great for Cougar Town to stand that test of time.’ Does she miss Friends? 'Friends was such a benchmark of television success that I shied away from trying anything else,’ she explains.

Courteney Cox was all smiles during a shopping trip in LA today, even while wearing a black cast on her right arm.

Courteney reportedly took a spill and snapped her wrist while relaxing with friends in Cancún, Mexico, last weekend — what a bummer ending to a beach vacation!

But after his stint in rehab for alcohol problems and depression, the couple became friends again, enough to continue working together.

Arquette even makes an appearance in the series finale of Cougar Town.

Another sitcom, Dirt, in which she played a tabloid magazine editor, proved to be short lived.