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I'd been single for six months after breaking up with my boyfriend of three years.

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Its definitely more fun than just using a marriage agency to set you up with someone.Here are some reasons why you should create a personal ad on Russian Cupid - Others have successfully done it, so can you.That first day I had three emails from men, but none was suitable.I approached one man, who was fiftysomething and divorced, and we went on a date that came to nothing as he was a hard-line atheist and I'm a Christian. So I decided to let my membership lapse - or so I thought.With over 1.5 million singles available online, you have more chances of meeting the Russian woman of your dreams on Russian Cupid than anywhere else.

Whether you like blondes or have a preference for brunettes from Russia, you can easily browse through 1000s of personals to find the perfect lady for you.

Again, maybe I'm being paranoid, but when I looked back at the messages, I realised that a few hours after I told the Irishman I didn't have Whats App, the Italian texted me to say: 'You don't have Whats App? What a strange thing to say before I'd even met him. 'But when Monday afternoon came, he texted to say he'd suddenly been called away on business. A spokesman apologised for the difficulty I'd encountered in cancelling my account, saying: 'We take all member feedback seriously and continually review our policies and processes to ensure they are as transparent and accessible as possible'.'employs a team to review member profiles and monitor for any unusual behaviour or activity,' he told me.

Surely he'd have kept that to himself until after the first date? He asked me if I would like to Skype video call him instead of going on a date. 'We have looked into this case to confirm that both profiles are of genuine members.'Fine, so I just got unlucky with two men who blew hot, then cold.

For nearly £90, I'd been on a grand total of one date and received no other offers from eligible men.

I demanded that Match not only end my subscription, but also refund me the £44.99 they'd just taken for July.

A dating site that not only understands what it is to be over 50, but also celebrates this exciting chapter of our lives.