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Champagne flowed and the pickings were varied – there was a handsome Swiss astrophysicist (yes, really.I Googled him later), a lawyer-cum-rocker, a film producer...A writer for The Atlantic recently wrote a piece claiming that in a post-Tinder age, speed dating has ironically become one of the slowest forms of dating around.

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After all, I wouldn’t have associated the grungy bar, with its tasty burgers and wall art, with the desperate and dateless.Owner Gavin Bellinger told me that for a pop, you’d receive a drink, some nibbles and the chance to meet the love of your life. Heading down with six (surprisingly keen) pals, I didn’t know what to expect, but the vibe was chill.Anna Christensen adopts the role of intrepid dating adventuress to see which methods really work.She also surveys hundreds of Perthites about how to meet prospects, where to take your date, and when to seal the deal (hint: it’s sooner than you think).A couple of days later, he asked me on a Proper Date – take that, Tinder naysayers! CONS Bathroom selfies, nude shots, cringe-worthy taglines. Sutherlan My friend told me about Tinder initially.

– to dinner at La Cholita, followed by drinks at Mechanics. My guy friends complained about girls they suspected were robots who came on aggressively sexual, while some guys are flat-out weird (“If we ran toward each other really fast and hit heads, who do you think would die first? I thought it seemed interesting, a different way of meeting girls.

CONS There’s no romantic spontaneity or cute ‘first meeting’ story; five minutes or so may not be long enough to truly judge someone.

Sharon I was married previously for fourteen years, and had split up about a year before.

I’d been using it for about three months before I saw Kortnie’s profile.

I was out on a boat at the time and showing one of my brother’s mates what it was. I started talking to her and I ended up seeing her out that night at The Shed!

Two of my girlfriends ended up hitting it off with the two guys I brought, and went on a double date to The Classroom the following week.