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Paisleys, stripes, geometrics and florals are often seen on fabric during this period.Conversational prints of animals, sports and sewing motifs became popular.

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That drab old quilt in the museum may have been bright and colorful at one time.

Both bright and pale pinks are found from this period as well as deep and light blues. Although some fabrics look rather somber others are quite cheerful.

If you live across the pond you can find fantastic reproduction Dutch fabrics at Quilting fabric, Den Haan & Wagenmakers .

Quilters who have purchased some of this fabric say it is of very fine quality and the reproductions are extremely accurate.

Early Twentieth Century During the first part of the twentieth century a great array of colors became available. Feed, flour and other sacks were printed with appealing motifs to help sell their product.

Many quilts were made with the material from these sacks.

Civil war prints included small pictures of cannons and flags.

The Centennial in 1876 inspired more pictorial prints on patriotic themes.

Pastel shades were popular in the thirties and many quilts emulating earlier quilts were made in these new shades.

The fabric sold during this time had similar prints so sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between feed sacks and commercial fabrics.

Finding Reproduction Fabric In looking for the fabric that you will use in your reproduction project be sure to start at your local quilt store.