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As he explained to the , he almost didn't graduate: “I didn’t have the credits, because I failed math every year, so I had to go to summer school."Determined to become an actor, Cannavale lived with his grandmother in New Jersey while he tried to get his first big break.

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Technology education is a hands-on laboratory based education program that allows students to use problem solving methods to explore the various systems of technology and the educational and career opportunities available in each system. Students who are advanced in computer skills will have the opportunity to work on special projects which will apply their skills.

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In 2013, this role netted him his second Emmy Award win.

Around this time, Cannavale had a chance to work with one of his acting idols, Al Pacino.

Jenny Lumet is his formal and first they had a divorced ,they are together for nine years.

He made his acting career from the movie I’m Not Rappaport it was released in 1996. Bobby has many affairs with many girls.first he has an affair with Jane Adams,after the breakup with her he has affair with Jenny Lumet.

It was his performance in a Circle Repertory production that brought him to the attention of TV producer and writer John Wells.

Wells loved Cannavale and cast him in two of his series, , Cannavale played the violent and unpredictable bootlegger Gyp Rosetti.

Cannavale has recently been seen on stage in New York (The Big Knife), and in the 1990s he had a recurring role on Will & Grace as Will's boyfriend.

He's been married before, to singer/songwriter Jenny Lumet, and has a teenage son with her.

There is no more information about his personal life and he is not clearly enclosed the name of his brothers and sisters.