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It’s incidental; you don’t ever have to talk about it.So I wanted to make sure the whole lesbian aspect wasn’t this whole coming out story and the character wasn’t going to be made more flamboyant in any sort of way. Elwood, I came out to him and I was like, ‘Look, feel free if you have any questions, I don’t ever want it to be this” and he’s like “Neither do I! ’ It worked out wonderful.”Emily identifies as a gay woman and says she has a lot in common with Adriana, which is one reason she loves playing her.“I’m gay, personally, so being Mexican and a lesbian — this is why I love the character because I deal with the same type of things with my own family,” Emily said.You’re tapping into topics that are very dangerous and obviously with Franka [Potente]”s character — our characters intersect and are going to have a lot of issues, so I have to decide whether I want to go down this love path or really protect her and completely separate myself from any connections, relationships in general because I’m putting myself in the line of fire, basically. I want it to be an incidental thing, which is what happens in our everyday life.

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Now that we know she's in a relationship, the question hits; who's the lucky man? If you are thinking the same, then you've hit the right place, as today, we'll be discussing the matter along with Alyssa's wiki-like bio. Although the exact tenure of their relationship remains a mystery; she shares wonderful moments with him as evident in the pictures she shares on Instagram.

Back on March 7, 2016, Alyssa wished the love of her life, Emilio on their anniversary with a beautiful picture.

Diaz played the role of Celia Ortega on the daytime soap opera As the World Turns from February 9, 2005 until August 10, 2005, when her character left town for Montega to be with her relatives.

She has made other television appearances, guest-starring in television shows including Southland, CSI: NY and Lie to Me.

Alyssa Diaz is famous for her role in the TV series, The beautiful actress broke many people's heart when she revealed her boyfriend on Instagram.

She is pretty open about her relationship and is pretty open when it comes to disclosing information regarding her relationship.Just like her open professional life, her personal life is like an open book and she usually shares a picture with her boyfriend and their pet dog.Let's take a deep dive into her personal life and know more about the couple.The couple doesn't live alone at their residence as their pet dog, Chewy lives with them.The actress is quite lucky as her boyfriend is quite understanding and despite her busy schedule, he usually plans ahead for the weekend and spent time together.On Season 1, she was recurring with storylines more focused on leads Diane Kruger and Demián Bichir, but she’s been upped to a series regular for Season 2, which means we’ll get to see more of her personal and professional lives, both of which are a little strained when she tries to be successful at finding a balance.“You’ll see where she’s trying to make sacrifices because she wants a career,” Emily said during an interview at TCA’s FX day.