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One individual made it into the Guinness Book of World Records when it died in 2006.It was found to be 507-years-old, confirmed by carbon dating, making it the world’s oldest living animal.Welcome to "All That Is Odd" (formerly Curious History).

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An edible species, the Ocean quahog clam is harvested from the Northern Atlantic Ocean for food.They are easy to age thanks to growth rings on their shells and their age is impressive.As its name suggests, the Aldabra giant tortoise is one of the largest tortoises in the world.Very slow growing animals, the species does not reach sexual maturity until over 30-years-old.The typical lifecycle of animals is familiar to us all.

We’re born, we reach sexual maturity, we grow old and—eventually—we die.

However, it made history as it was subsequently discovered to be 205-years-old.

There is great variation in age among sea urchins – some are short-lived, surviving for four years, some live up to 50 years, but some are extremely long-lived.

The maximum lifespan of the Naked mole rat is over 30 years – while not sounding remarkable, it is when compared to other rodents, as it lives about nine times longer than similarly sized mice. Breeding females are fertile until death and, unlike every other mammalian species, their mortality risk does not accelerate with age.

As they are much more closely related to us than any other negligibly senescent organism, understanding how this evolved may improve our understanding of ageing in humans, or even help us to achieve negligible senescence ourselves. Strictly speaking, no animal is truly immortal as all can be killed by accidents, predator attacks, disease or adverse environmental factors.

With the ability to regenerate damaged appendages and reproduce throughout their lifespan, some of the largest specimens of Red sea urchins can live to be up to 200-years-old.