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Denisia Milas, a 21-year old college student from Arizona, said she spotted an ad on Instagram for Airtime two months ago and decided to download it after another group chat app her friends had been using proved glitchy.Now, roughly twice a week she and her friends watch You Tube videos on Airtime, including one featuring her getting her head shaved.She is such a down to earth person and has the sweetest, most beautiful soul. CC: “Hmmmm, I’d say 90% of the time wine…unless the Whiskey is so delish and I can’t pass it up. EA: If you could record a duet with any country singer, who would it be? I got to perform with him once but I would LOVE to record something with him someday. I do love a Giants game, but I think I’d have to say the Castro because of the LGBT community.To be totally honest, I would classify myself as a gin girl! EA: Which leads me to my next question, what’s your favorite cocktail? I feel so fortunate to be from such an accepting environment.Since rebooting last year, Klaus told Business Insider that Airtime has proven particularly popular among teens and college kids, though he predicts the behavior will soon become universal.

Currently the average user spends more than 15 minutes a day on Airtime and roughly an hour a month co-consuming content. We connect through email, text and instant messaging. We may have profiles on social networks, where we share our lives, our plans and our thoughts with hundreds of people. Most of us – including kids – do all kinds of things online.They can help kids connect with friends, but it’s important to help your children learn how to navigate these spaces safely.Among the pitfalls: sharing too much information, and posting pictures or video that can hurt someone’s feelings or damage a reputation.Think of Skype or Facetime, but with groups of friends talking to each other, and seeing each others faces in virtual rooms all via their smartphones.