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Several companies are anxious to provide most Indiana physicians with medical professional liability in- surance coverage. Scien- tific and editorial contributions are ac- cepted for exclusive publication, subject to editorial requirements. Indexed in Index Medicus and Hospital Literature Index. Private physicians are the key to surveillance; they are the primary source of the necessary information, and timely reporting on their part can allow in some instances prevention and control measures to be quickly insti- tuted so that the occurrence of addi- tional cases can be prevented.

Only one has received the formal endorsement, support, and sponsorship of the Indiana State Medical Association. Publication deadline: 1st day of month preceding month of issue. All issues since 1967 are available on microfilm from University Microfilms In- ternational, 300 N. An example of this happened two years ago when a physician reported a case of measles in a student at a large state university.

The Canal & Rivers Trust, which was carrying out preparation work to replace the lock gates, said an investigation had been launched into why the towpath gave way in what it has described as a “rare incident”.

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748 Indiana Medicine September 1985 We treat every day like Opening Night Opening Night— when personal per- formance is measured in the talents it takes to achieve success in even the most critical eye. The knowledge gained from disease surveillance is essential to the efforts of public health agencies, but it also is of real benefit to the private physician who cares for individual patients. D., of the Centers for Disease Con trol, wrote an article published in Postgraduate Medicine that discussed the relationship of disease surveillance to the private practitioner. ACCC recognizes that changes in the weights of DRGs are the province of the Prospective Payment Assess- ment Commission and the Health Care Financing Administration; but given HCFA’s previous performance, ACCC hopes that Congress will monitor these three DRGs to assure that patient care does not suffer. When properly done, surveillance allows disease problems to be defined so that the most direct and definitive control and prevention measures can be implemented. PICI is a publicly held stock company, and provides annual as well as periodic interim financial reports. 780 FEATURES President’s Message: Physicians Against Drunk Driving 782 The Theory of Bureaucratic Incentives . Another example happened about a year ago when a physician in the southern part of the state reported a case of tuberculosis to his local health department along with his observation that a larger tuberculosis problem might be present in his area. With PICI, you know what's happening to your premium dollars. Subsequent investigation by public health officials revealed additional TB cases, and control measures were in- stituted. DIPLOMATE AMERICAN BOARD OF SURGERY Acute & Reconstructive Hand Surgery By Appointment South Sherman Professional Complex Telephone (317) 783-1319 3417 S Sherman Dr Suite F If No Answer Call (317) 926-3466 Beech Grove, Indiana 46107 A space this size in the Physicians' Directory costs only $ 1 20. Arterial Doppler exam (upper and lower extremities). Graeme Atkins, 53, of Idle, told how he saw the submerged crane, with its windscreen wipers still going, as he walked his two dogs along the towpath at around 8.30am.

“I couldn’t believe it, it’s not something you see every day,” he said. The workers were just stood there looking at it, I think they were stunned. It’s extremely lucky no one was hurt.” Mr Atkins, a former Premier League referee, said preparation for the lock replacement had been taking place over the last three weeks, with a road being built across land at Bottom Farm for access to the towpath.That company is PICI, Physicians Insurance Company of Indiana. Because PICI is committed to providing Indiana physicians with the best possible coverage at the lowest possible rates throughout their medical careers. This report triggered an investigation which uncovered fur- ther cases, leading to the initiation of a large scale immunization program at the school. Indiana physicians dominate the company’s board of directors and serve on budget, claims and underwriting committees. The prompt reporting of the initial case by this private physician un- doubtedly resulted in the prevention of a number of measles cases which other- wise would have occurred. Compare all that PICI offers with what you will obtain from other sources of medical professional liability and other essential insurance coverages. .758 PD CRITICAL CARE: Pediatric Epiglottitis: A Review of 34 Patients 760 The Left Ventricular Assist Device: Its Successful Use after Coronary Bypass Surgery 764 Overdose with a Combination Decongestant, Antihistamine and Antitussive Syrup 766 Cardiac Pathology in Clostridial Septicemia . Surveillance starts with the practic- jj ing physician when he or she sees a pa- ; tient and makes a diagnosis of a report- i able disease. Current sites include Danville, Lebanon, Logansport, Monticello and Rushville. We think you’ll agree that the ISMA has endorsed the best. .770 Skin Diseases: Current Concepts and Therapy 4. It continues as the case I is reported to the local health depart- 4 ment, which in turn reports the case to i the State Board of Health. i from throughout the state can be i tabulated and analyzed and informa- i tion disseminated back to private physicians. warded to the Centers for Disease Con- li trol where tabulation and analysis of data from throughout the nation can be il undertaken. 78 NOf^ The Old Pathology Bui uj 1Xj jr rc U_ 00 SEE MEDICAL MUSEUM NO! 741 Future File 742 Cancer Corner 748 Public Health Notes 750 Drug Names 781 CME Quiz 789 Auxiliary Report 790 News Notes 801 CME Awards 802 New ISMA Members 804 Essay Contest 805 Obituaries 808 ISMA’s Leadership 809 USPS 284-440 ISSN 0746-8288 OF! Senior ISMA members and full-time medical students — . No copyright is claimed, unless specifically in- dicated. Other benefits of disease surveillance include providing information so that hypotheses regarding disease etiology, prevention, and control can be tested, The Key to Disease Surveillance Is the Private Physician and so that changes in the epidemi- ology of certain diseases can be detected. Penile Doppler (evaluation for vasculogenic impotence).