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I certainly understand sometimes emergencies might come up; but I don't appreciate you ditching me for another friend after we had ALREADY made plans.

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However, I must admit "someonesx" has the right idea and the best and most correct answer. I have a friend (female) that is like that..now wonders why I always decline her invitations to go places with her.

I have spent too many days/nights sitting home when I originally thought we had plans only to have them cancelled at the last moment. I f I had made plans with a lady friend and a trip had come up to go on with some of the boys :fishing ,canoeing, ect...

Between last thread and this it seems more and more likely that he's not really the one to keep your energy involved in.

That said if you feel that he is and therefor are going to continue to answer his calls then...

If he asks you to "hang out" again, be calm; but firm and say something along the lines of...

Gee (his name) I'd love to make plans to do that with you; but I'm concerned that you might decide last minute to cancel on me like you did the last time.

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JMO, You are only a week into knowing each other, so don't put too much into it.

It is probably something completely innocent and unavoidable. Neither of you have any sort of investment in it yet, and this may be just the nudge it needs, either way.alexandria gal: right on....girl, guy...you make plans with someone you don't ditch them for better plans.

You'll be able to decide what to do next with this guy based on his reaction. Unfortunately, I've found from personal experiences if in the beginning of getting to know someone new they can be that unthoughtful when they should be on their "best" behavior and wanting to impress you, if you continue to get to know them, be prepared for their "unthoughtfulness" to only multiply. I wouldn't hold a male friend to any different standards than I would a girlfriend.