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Which means if enough people view the video, I get a check deposited into my bank account. Not sure how much I will get from this second round yet.

I have been regularly getting a check for about 0 2-3 times a year…until this video blew up. Do you know where the people in this video are today? As you might have gathered from previous comments, I keep in contact with Ken. He later asked me for a copy of the VHS that he could send her.

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But some people made the clever comment that the “World Premiere” would be on You Tube. I think we headed over to one of the nearby Disney hotels looking for fun, but didn’t find much. Looking back, we have only praise and thanksgiving to God for how he has used it to encourage and equip the church.I asked that the obstacles to its being understood and accepted be removed and that a marvelous grasp and receptivity be prepared in the land. Packer: The healthy biblical realism of this study in Christian motivation comes as a breath of fresh air.It was a moving ten minutes as the reality of its presence sank in. Jonathan Edwards, whose ghost walks through most of Piper's pages, would be delighted with his disciple.This was better than I could have dreamed he would be willing to say. May the Lord himself be pleased with the “meditations” of my mind in these pages.

The personal touch, that Edwards would even be delighted with me, is what moved me so deeply. May he let the book have a little part in causing the movement of the final era in our day.They were a well-known local band writing and performing their own music, gigging in pubs and clubs.When FBI's lead singer left the band, and Morris left to concentrate on his career in hairdressing, Astley offered to be the lead vocalist.He played the video for the Uncle, who had no recollection of that night, but confirmed it was indeed him. Most recently, the girl in the yellow top dancing by the frozen foods made contact. Keep in mind, some of these people were dating people they are probably not with today, or under the influence of something, and probably don’t want to be identified. And a lot of people are saying Ken sounds like Ferris Bueller. But he was kind of (as one poster put it) channeling classic David Letterman bits from that time (i.e. Video Cameras were common The other theory to why people are friendly (and there probably is some truth to this one), is that cameras were probably not that common, so it was a novelty to see one and it was “fun” to be the focus of somebody’s camera. We all were living and working in one of the biggest tourist capitals of the world. They were common enough, that I bought my own when I was a college kid, working a part time job. I used my paychecks from Disney to pay for college as well as my new investment.Apparently she was an employee of that 7-11 at the time, and still works for 7-11 at another Orlando location today. Even though Ken was squeaky clean in the video, he does have a profession where he has to watch out for things that might pop up in the public about his background. In June of 2014, I ran into “Popped Collar” in Las Vegas of all places at The Mirage Hotel. “magic night in America”) The Van I have had a few comments about the “rape van” we got into at the end of the video. My ’79 Trans Am was in the shop and my parents were letting me drive their van. Even the Spanish speaking guys who said they were tourists (one of them was wearing a Disney employee shirt – see the Mickey on it? I worked at Disney, Popped Collar and French Girl worked at Disney. The part of this theory that is wrong is, home video cameras were the big new thing. I believe I put 0 down, and was paying /month.And as we look forward, it is our faith-filled prayer that God will glorify himself through the truths in this book, opening the eyes of millions around the world to seek Jesus Christ as their treasure and joy.