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But my momentary was too strong so I floo sum far lenths an went over the goal poast so I scored a touchdown for da home teem! Dib yelled sum an kiked grownd an Prettay Dog elled from the bleechers “That was yur last chanse Dip now yull never been a TEEN RAGER.” Then Dibe felted the scar on his neck from were my crossifix stabed him. (AN I no that fitin with crossifixes is bad relgion now, but Zim was just usin it to get powers to fite Dibl with so its kay) I o-mouthed at Zims words, he was usin me an Jesus just to revnage Dib? I put on sum sad goth emo muzik like Avril Lavinge an MCO an cried. I stated to follow him but a voyse called owt.“GLORIA WATE! He was throwin nifes an shurikens at the flamer ragers an demans an thins in a tempt to kill alla them. BIG BOOM BOOM BAM BOOOM said the the Voot Crooser an Dib got coatered in smoke an dirt an dust. I see taht in my hart now.” Zim Christianed so I kissed im on da top of the dead an he bloodshed. “Thats rite second Jesu I got spesal plans for u, or shud I say… 1/1/1″ Zim taked my crossifix wile I was just standin in shok an ran to Dib reedy for a kill. 1 “An to do that I ned the most Christian purest version sakrifase. This was the end for me an Jesus an all the good Chritian pepoles becos Satin wud get samoaned an finish teh rupture. 3112421″ I smied happy becos dum Dib had falled rite for my seekrit plan.

It had crit his juggler vane an remberin that made him even more blangry. “Wate I can still kill sumwon.” Then he shooted THE GUN an it hitted sumwon an they screemed an died. One crossifix hitted Dib in they eye an the eye explodd an got blood an eye all ever were. Zooy an Steven was bunkin downstars wen I heard…“OMG STEFEN YES YUR LIKE A SIBARRIAN TIGER! “Its apolcelces we half (lol) to kill deese guys its are Christian Dutty.” He exclained wile killin eve more bad dudes. “Its not ovar yet, hell be back the blapst only sended him flyin thru the sky soon he will lant and fite again. FLASBACKMe n Nee was flyin thru the citystreets on are way to fite Dib (we hadant fite Skepness Man yet) wen I stoped flyin. 1″ Then Dibs head busted open an blood an branes an fire rayned out all round the city an burned sum pepole but there was a hospital neerby so it was all good.

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“Thatll teech him.” Zim doosted his hands off an I came. ”“Yuo b***j*** u never was a reel Christian at all u was usin me! “I needed to revange Dib an u sad Jesus had powors its nothin personal.” Zim had done reel bad so I take dot my crossifix an slapped Zims cheek wit it so he had a big bloody crossifix mark on his cheek for ever. “OMG Gloriot Im so sorry I didant meen that Im just relay stressed kay? “We need to find da second comingling of Jesus hes the only 1 that can stop Dip.” Then Dib climed a bildin like King Kong an grabed sum areplanes an hit them into more bildins to kill more pepole an turn them into deman zomboys. 111″ “Lol Dibs gonna tell us the seekrit identity an then we can finds him first to win.” I hi-fiived Nee an listaned to heer to the noo Jesus was.“CUM OWT CUM OWT WEREVAR U ARE… 11) FLABSHACK ENSDib roared like the sun relay mad as he relised I cudant be sakrifised now an his plan was ruins. Suddenly my crossifix started glowin brite wite an it made a sheeld to stop the bat stuff from hitin me. “Gloria I was waitin for a spesal occashun to tell you an this is prettay spesal so… ” I o-mouthed and huged her even more titer but stoped so I didant kill the bablee by mistake.“Also were namin the bloody baby Zim, in onor of the best soddin Chrischian ever! It wass the best day ever an we were all happy an I gotted a massage telepathic in my head. Me an Gir are havin a fun time heer with God an stuff an we got to watch u kill Dib on Gods big skreen plasma. By Gloria Deschanel an thanks for helpin me become: INVADER ZIM: BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN! WRITIN THIS ONE WAS A REEL CHALLENJE SINSE I DIDANT NO MUCH BOUT CHRISTAN STUFF BUT I THINK I DID EM JUSTACE. “U bretayred me, u betrayed Nee, an worse of all u betrayed JESUS! ” “Its allrite Nee, I no yur stressed becos things are prettay hecktic (lol its a pun). Tow of das flame ragers, Projency Masheen an Lurvable Freek was refracted back at thes tuff an was made on fire an turnsed to assh. The crossifix keept glowin an glowin an glowin an I felt alls powered up so I sayd “THE POWAR OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! ” An a hooge beem of lite shotted out an hit Dib in the huge hed an he started glowin an on fire but bad fire that hurt him. ALSO GO REED MY OTTER SUPER GOOD STORYS ITS MY LIFE! 11 Wile I was reedin I herd some noses comin from don the street so I looked oat the windo an a saw… I ranned down an taked the crossifix neklase I have an stabed it thru Dips neck so it cam out the otter side. “Yes I am now my name is Zim u saved my live.” I huged him an he got reel happied becos of my big squishy chests. So the baeby was born Jesus an he had powors so he helped all the goood guys an not the bad ones so the bad ones put nailz in him but Jezus didant care becos HES SO HARDCORE! Then eh died but came back on Eastur an there a bunny somwhere Im not sure to go to heevan.” “Wow tahts relay cool whats Jesus doin now? These druggy jerks was gonna kill us or rap us or make us drug an beer wif tehm an all is bad becos im Christian an cant done that stuff! I o-mouthed at the stranger he wax kinna goot lookin an he had saved are lifes I wonnered if was a Christain? “Congrats Ziim yur now a true Christen.” Zim o-mouthed an went cry on the floor but iwas happied cry becos he was a reel one now. Nee was ver impress “Gloria u have such Christian.” The water brote the mmozzellera stacks an we sturted eatin em but the cheese got alls stuck so we keeped etin an got closer an closer an closuer wen… “Go way Simon Cowleb no one liks u no more becos yer a sellot hoo lefted Amrican Idol for a dum ripeof.” A guy yelled.He ran way but the crose came out but it was all bloody an covered in yucky gross stuff so I didant put it back on. “Im Gloria Deschanel nice to met u Zim.” Zim o-mouthed at that.“DESKCHANNEL LICK THE FAMOS MOVEE STAR! ” Zim was gettin into the lesson bu Gir didant care he was playin wif a piggy. “Thanks for savin us mistar…”“My nam is Jonee but u can call me Nee lol yur very hot an pretty.” I bushed at his complilament but Zim was kinna jeloose lookin. “No it’s a important religuous dooty but maybe afferwords wink wink.” Nee o-mouthed so we goed to my hoem. “OMG THIS BLOODY SODDIN PLASE IS THE WERST EVAR YOU WANKIN BURGERS OH GOD SAFE THE QUEEN! Nee standed up an graped his nife I got scarred at dat.I thot bout were I cold find him wen gess who showed up? “My son just keeps gettin stronger an more braver every day.” A tall labcote man said wile pointin at onna the playas. ” Stephen was soooo mad at seein Dib gain so I said. Next the taked the Flamer Trollz an crossified them an putted nails an barped wires on em like in Even Horisun or Hellrasser. ” Dib antichristed an piked up Skep an Business m AN. Noone deserved this (but maybe the Falmer Trolls allitle) but it wasant over yet. “Those gits are soddin bloody wankers an is that Dibe? I think Ill only do tow more chappers for thsi one. Nee loked to the city were Dib was rampagin an killin then at me an braved. Then I saw it had a big bumpy thing an realised that SKep an Business Man didant be good Christans an wate for merried an did a baby alsready! ” This musta been why Dib choosed Skepness Man for the fite, he noo that Christans cudant abortion a baby. “Then ell just have to do a emerjancey C-sextion.” Nee lolled with cool an bad***.

“Hung on I think he mite be up to sumthin.” The game was bout to benign an Dip helded up the footboll.“HEY ZIM THINK FAUST! He tared Skep’s arm of an made Business Man ate it then toared his leg of an made Skep ate it then he killed them in half. Dip keept tearin an twistin the ded skep an Man bodis till there was only teeny weeny pices then he putted them alls back together as a hooge monster called “Skepness Man”. ” I doble jumped onto the sycle an Stpehen pumped the ingishun reel fast.“Wheres Zooy? “Shes still at hoem we must get there OH DEAR GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! 11″ Skepness Man chargged an swipotted at da moercycle sendin us flyin an flipin thru the are. Will Zim see teh tru lite of GOD an defeet The Antipode? AN: Sorray for da long brake but Im back with the pentilamte chapter were thers sum reel shockin reveels! Usin my noo wings I started flyin to serch for Stepher an I fownd him fitin Skepness Man. ” An Zim stapled the crossifix inot Dibs hart an he exploded inot lots a blood an guts an Zim chunkz but Dib was un hammed but the boom shooted us fast away so we eskapid. “Gloria yur the sekont counting onlee u can stop him. Sinse they was putted bak to bak it meened Skepness Man was… He jumped of me an take dot a nifes to stab into Skepness Man’s bellay an fell down an around to make a big circle cut.You may not enter this site if Sexually Explicit Material offends you or if the viewing of Sexually Explicit Material is not legal in each and every community in which you choose to access it via this website. § 7000, et seq., By choosing to click below and enter the site, I am indicating my agreement to be bound by the above and the Terms and Conditions of the site and I affirmatively adopt the signature line below as my signature and the manifestation of my consent.IF YOU ARE HERE LOOKING FOR CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, MOVE ON. 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Eh scrootched his hed it was gettin more big sinse he got to hi skool an felt a weird bumps there. Gaz seed from her seet that the hare gotted part from Dips scratch an saw that the bumps was shaped like… S or what ever, I SAID GLORIOS NOT A MARY SUE BECOS SHE INSANT LICK ME SHES SUPER CHRISTAN IM A ANYUREMS AN SHE IS KINNA NAEVEE! INVADER ZIM: PORN AGAIN CHRISTAN Chepter 2: Lessuns of the Lord We got to Zims hose a few mins later, it was relay tall with toobs an funny elf things in the front lone. INVADER ZIM: BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANCHAPTER FORE: Battle for Zooy Its had been a few days sinse I Christiened Zim an we hadont see eech otter, I was bissy wif Skool an bakin out wit Nee. “Cum on down to the areport to meet us an be sure to bring ur frends I cant wate to meet them! “Dib u didant killer so u loose yur ination.” Pretty Doog said an they charged at Dip to beet him up so Dib ran way an we wased safed. ” Zim o-mouthed at the seet of Red an Purple almost havin soks in front of him! ” Skep trolled an piked up a mike an started to sung “I wanna flame an troll all nite! ” All the trolls started dancin frum the funky beets an I saw…. ” He got a sad look on his face (HA I GOAT IT RITE THIS TIME, EET IT FALMER TROLLZ) an said.“Im sorry Glroia, but I ham in love with Skep! 111333 INVADER ZIM: BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANChapter Eate: Invader Zim: Bron Again Christian “But how um I supposed to stope the antimatter? ” I deadpanned to Nee, even wit Jesus on my side thins wasant lookin goode for the showdown throwdown (hehe).I was playin Portal 2 coop on my praystation (lol geddit, its lick a spesal Christan playstashun for Christians that only Christan pepole can use it that has crossifixes an stuff on it). ” She huged up the cell fone so I went ot to bring Zim an Nee. “Sis help a big hed guy is tryin to kill me an my BF at da areport cum qwik! ” Prettaydok excreamed an throwed a motzletov coketail at me. 1111″ I sadded but Zim graped my hand “We have to go NOW.” So we dit. ” Zooy notted “Yep I told u wud lick him lol.” Steven got a angary at Dib for tryin a kill his girl. “I tole them bout Dib so we made a temprary allience, Ill defeet them latur.” Nee etsplained. ” I raned up an smooched Nee all hard but Zim mad sum gaggin noses. ” Dib was exited but kinna scarred from the revlation. 11 “Zim we are in lofe so ew called to say that so u cant call us no more becos well be bissy (lol its a pun).” The screen offed an Zim sated don by the bibel. Sum jerks had putted seekrit camras all everywere an recorded me an was makin fun of the recordins lick on Mistery Theater 2000! We are get merried tonite.” He ran op to Skep an they started kissin all lovey! ” I ran up to da screen an jump kicked it an blowed it up so it said BOOM BOOM WHAM BAM an didant work no more. “No one never said it wud be essey but yur the only 1 who can doit.111″ Dib creamed an pumpted the ball at Zim so hit for a kill. “Alrite Dib now yull pay I got Gloria to teech me to be a Cristan so I cold get Jezus powers to kill you wif! ” But there was jus more gruntin an groanin so I turned op the muzik an cryed more becos now nothin was bein Christan no more. My buck started hurtin reel bad lick I had been staped or sumthin but…To Be Continued! Invader Zim: Bron Agan Chrisstun Chapter Sevent: Hellck on Earth I felled towards the grond but my bak hurted sooooo bad. “This plase is buggerin bonkers Im taken Zooy an weer goin back to Englondon were thare arent all these soddin monsters an bloody flamer jerks! 111 I flowed down with Nee to Zim an we both huged him for savin the world. Next Nee pulled da skin of an there was a whole with the baby insid. 1″ He said wile stabbin Skepness in the man/gilr plase becos it was both. “It is still got the blud of the falmerz in its vanes so it most be send to joovie for educashun an then adopted by sum lovin Christian parunts.” I etsplained. ” I didant lick the plan but it was the onlee way so I nooded with hed so Nee got the bapee an ranned of wile I headed (lol head, lick Dib’s) for Dibs thrown. He was soooo mad that Skpness Man didant stop me so his whole mussely body turned all on fire an brinestone. 2″ I screemed so much lowder than anything but noone herd becos everone in the city was dead ot turned to monsters.